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I was born in East Ham, London. My Head of Music, friend & mentor Dr.Lliffon Hughes-Jones at EHGS suggested I took up learning the bassoon. This gave me the opportunity to play in many local orchestras including the London Senior Orchestra and at the age of 20 I was offered the post of Conductor with my local Symphony Orchestra... a great way to learn the orchestral repertoire.

After a spell working for Novello Music Publishers, I became the Manager of a West End Music Shop, a position retained for over 16 years. Head-hunted by an International Music Publisher I was invited to run their London Showroom and then transferred to become the General Manager of the world's largest Music Hire Library.

Recently I have been invited to join the Southend Symphony Orchestra as bassoonist and the orchestral librarian. I hope that working in the music business for over 40 years has given me the necessary experience & knowledge to administer the job of librarian.

The librarian organises and prepares all music needed for performances. In addition to acquisition from publishers or retailers, orchestral music may be acquired from a variety of sources. A substantial amount of music is still protected by copyright law and available only through hire agreements.
The librarian may assist in planning concerts, organising concert production, and informing the committee of musical details such as timings, instrumentations, and personnel requirements.

Some orchestra librarians prepare the program page and write and/edit program notes for concerts.
The librarian also needs a thorough knowledge of symphonic repertoire, music notation styles, clef reading, key transpositions, orchestration, and the performance characteristics of all instruments.

I consider my membership of the SSO to be an opportunity bringing both pride and pleasure. To work with such fine musicians… a privilege indeed.

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