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Principal Cellist

Having come back to the cello as an adult, I studied for several years under Frank Henry locally and Penelope Lynex in London. I have been playing with the orchestra for nearly 30 years. I enjoy playing chamber music and until recently had a regular quartet and still enjoy playing in various chamber ensembles. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to lead the cello section which is something I am very proud of and undertake my duties with a passion.

Deputy Chairman

I have been a committee member for many, many years. My job involves being there for whatever is required, whether in a PR role or as general orchestra gofer. On concert days I collect and transport our own orchestra’s instruments, stands etc to the concert venue and help set up ready for the evening’s concert and act in a concert manager role ensuring everything runs smoothly. This is a role that I really love doing and feel very privileged to be involved in the orchestra in the position of Deputy Chairman.

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